I would consider this article by Young a scholarly article because it was found in a scholarly journal (OLYMPIKA-the International Journal of Olympic Studies). Its content is on a very specific topic that would appeal to researchers, students and scholars. It was also reviewed by Robert K. Barney, who is an authority in the area of Olympic Studies.

Contrarily, the article Preparing for the Olympics: Patriotism Vs. Activismwould not be considered scholarly. It is posted on a blog and the author may not be an expert in the field, as his biography identifies him as a journalist. Additionally, the advertisements on this site made me question the quality and credibility of the article and its source.

--Marbar 23:53, 7 February 2009 (UTC)Mark

This article entitled Intrauterine Growth restriction affects the proteomes of the small intestine, liver, and skeletal muscle in newborn pigs I would classify as scholarly for the following reasons:

-there is information available on the document regarding the authors’ authority and the organizations that they work for. -it includes an extensive bibliography at the end of the article. -it includes many charts and table discussing the research data -it has an abstract summarizing the article’s contents.

The article Some Pigis not scholarly for the following reasons:

-it is authored by a journalist -its purpose appears to be for entertainment -the webpage is littered with advertisements

--Bookbrat 00:34, 8 February 2009 (UTC)sara

I think can manage the difference between the two now!

There is a very long scholarly work available from the ALA: It would be scholarly because it is produced from a well-recognized association, has an extensive list of contributors and editors, and appears in an established journal in the field. Also - no ads here!

I found a non-scholarly work as well: unfortunately, despite loving Wikis, this is not a scholarly source because we can't be sure who the author was, let alone if they are an expert in the field!

-- Another "book brat" ;)

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